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 Personal Trainer 

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Whether you are looking to workout on your own or be part of a class fitness REVOLUTION has choices tailored specifically for you. Need a boost or a push? Let one of our trainers take your fitness level to the next level. Call or stop in today and be a part of the REVOLUTION.

Keegan Bombard grew up an athlete. 'As a high school football player I tore my ACL and had to work through the process of staying fit while in recovery. I know exactly what it takes to reach the next level". Keegan also worked as a CNA allowing him to further gain insight into the inner-workings of physiology and recovery. His passion for sports and helping people are what makes him such a dedicated trainer. He specializes in athlete training and conditioning especially while in recovery. Don’t like treadmills? That is fine because his circuit training will get you just right.  “If you want a taste of my style join my Thursday night FitMOB class at 6p.m.”

Emily Barney

Front Desk 

Certified Personal Trainer at Fitness Revolution. 

Keegan Bombard 

Facility Manager | Personal Trainer  

Bryce Stanton 

Personal Trainer

Emily became passionate about fitness when she was 12 years old. Throughout middle school and high school she played any sport she could and knew in order to be a universal athlete she had to work for it. “My mom got me my first gym membership to fitness REVOLUTION and I joined the ‘Take it Off’ challenge with my mom. I found out that my being part of the class inspired many of them to work harder and that is when I knew I wanted to be a fitness and personal trainer”. As a trainer Emily wants to help you achieve your goals - she is here for YOU.

"Great place - very warm and welcoming staff. A huge variety of machines, free weight, benches, cardio equipment, and open floor space, so no matter what or how you train this gym can accommodate you!"    -- K. Denecke

"Love it there! The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. I am especially grateful for my trainer! He has been instrumental in helping me make some big changes to my body and weight loss, but also teaching how to use the weights and equipment that are appropriate for me."  -- B. McNally 

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Tammy Patnode is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. "I have been in the gym since I was 15 and have been a competitive IFBB pro women’s physique athlete since 2009. Competing for 17 years has allowed me to understand all aspects of weight loss, muscle gain and strength and cardiovascular training". Tammy runs a very successful online training business training athletes all over the world to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Mike Ostrom 

Operations/Sales | Personal Trainer

We believe fitness isn’t just for a few but it is for every body. 

Jason McComber


From the Olympians that walk through our doors to the seniors just looking to stay active, from the members training for Ironman to the members just trying to keep moving, our knowledgeable trainers and staff are here to help you reach your goals with customized training, nutrition consultations, and group classes that will come to feel like family!

Bryce is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Council on Strength and Fitness and the founder of HiitFit, a group fitness class designed for ALL sizes and ages! *Take it ONLY at FitnessREVOLUTION*
"When it comes to my individual clients, 'Functional Fitness' is a top priority. I excel in creating a workout specific to your needs-with movements and exercises relative to your life. I focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) techniques to push my clients through plateaus and into the realms of serious strength and ability. I am popularized through my positive energy, firm encouragement, and my belief that you can succeed in all you desire.
No matter your physical stature I will strive to leave you feeling accomplished and powerful!"

Kim shepard

Front Desk Manager 

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Seth has been working out pretty much his whole life. "After years of exploring different careers, I decided to finally do something I love. So I went on to get certified and educated as a personal trainer." I work with anyone from the youth to get stronger and better in their sport to the Senior for overall functional movement for their health. Oh and even some Olympic athletes as well! 

Seth Lang

Personal Trainer  

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