Jason McComber-Owner

Kim Shepard-Front Desk Manager

Keegan Bombard-Facility Manager/Personal Trainer

Seth Lang-Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Seth from fitness revolution. I've been working out pretty much my whole life and always enjoyed the fitness world very much. After years of exploring different careers I decided to finally do something I love. So I went on to get certified and educated as a personal trainer. I have been doing this for years now and enjoy helping people reach their goals as well as their overall health goals. I work with anyone from the youth to get stronger and better in their sport to the Senior for overall functional movement for their health. Oh and even some Olympic athletes as well as the individual that walks in and wants to get in shape for themselves. We all know it's important to exercise and take care of our bodies for overall health and realistic goals. So get started in a fitness routine today to get strong and feel good about yourself. 

Contact Seth: 

518-524-8775    sethlangster@yahoo.com

Tammy Patnode-Personal Trainer

I am Tammy Patnode, certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach. I have been in the gym since I was 15 and have been a competitive IFBB pro women’s physique athlete since 2009. Competing for 17 years has allowed me to understand all aspects of weight loss, muscle gain and strength and cardiovascular training. I have a very successful online training business where I train athletes all over the world and help then achieve their fitness goals. You can also find me at Fitness Revolution in Lake Placid.

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