The ADAPT training system is one of a kind physical development program. It is one of the first training systems to incorporate under one philosophy, the two worlds of physical therapy and rehab with performance training and athletic enhancement. The ADAPT system is an enjoyable and highly effective method of physical fitness training.

AKF Fit is a strength and conditioning program that is designed to make you a better athlete.
A mix of workouts incorporating muscle toning and cardio for all levels!

BOOM-Fit (cross-training class)
This specialized class includes a combination of boot camp and cross-fit inspired exercises. Put together in a circuit that increases strength, stamina, and cardio fitness throughout the hour-long class. Changing exercises every week for fun excitement and maximum results!

A combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, and functional movements! Expect to be in the weight room at times and in the studio.

Boxing Fitness
This class is designed to include many of the exercise elements boxers use to train. Most importantly it is designed to be fun. It is a tough and intense workout but while in class be prepared for lots of laughing and smiles

Combat Hapkido
A modern self-defense system designed to empower teens and adults with knowledge and training for personal safety. Instructors are highly qualified to teach females and males the skills they will need when they face adversity! Ages 12 years old and up are welcome.

Cycle 60
Come enjoy the ride, this is a 60 minute endure bike riding with climbs, sprints, and more. Challenge yourself with intervals and intense drills that are choreographed specifically to work with the highs and lows in the music.

Hydro Class
This water class utilizes beginner to advanced level exercises with water resistance equipment and some deep-water movements to enhance range of motion and strength. This class is perfect for someone starting.

INSANITY Live isn’t your ordinary cardio-conditioning class. This thrilling, max-interval style workout takes you through drill based exercises focused on cardio, strength, and agility to reach your potential best. Come try this workout for effective weight loss, to build strength, and great cross-training. No weights or equipment needed and modifications are shown.

A traditional martial art designed to develop competitive skills based on Okinawan tradition and training. Instruction includes traditional forms and sparring. Male and Female students 12 years old and older are welcome.
Lean + Sexy Power Ball
Firm your total body with this challenging and effective workout combining the use of the fitness balls and weights. Because the ball constantly challenges your balance, you have to work deep core muscles harder with each exercise. This routine incorporates upper, middle, and lower body exercise, working your entire body. You will strengthen muscles, burn more calories, and improve core strength and posture

Level Up
A full body workout designed to take your fitness level up a notch. The class will include body bars, dumbbells, bands, and body weight. This class will help you learn to push and achieve. Level Up your fitness with this full body class

Silver Slippers
Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support

A high intensity cardio class that targets the whole body. This class will use all types of different equipment to help create S.W.A.T..Sweat..Weights..Abs..Tone..Be part of the SWAT Team!

Tone to the Bone
An intense class stressing proper alignment and form suitable for all ages and levels. A workout for the entire body using methods of repetition, and lights and heavy weights. The final 15-minutes are devoted to a cool down and stretch

A variety of yoga styles designed for all fitness levels


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